On the otherside (2007)

Two film school students, Dave and Jack, decide to shoot a documentary on Indian culture in India. Dave, a young American, is all about girls and adventures. His classmate is Jaya Krishna (want to be called himself Jack) is an Indian American. Even though Jack doesn't like the idea of filming the documentary in India, he agrees upon Dave's insistence.

They stay with Rao, Sarala and their daughter Swapna, who helps them film their documentary on Indian culture. Initially even though people, culture and circumstances drive Dave crazy, since meeting Swapna, Dave's attitude takes a U-turn, and he starts falling in love with her. They take a little tour to a village where Swapna introduces them beautiful countryside and a very loving village folk. Dave loves the purity of the village life, the colorful glory of the festivals and the surprising typical aspects of life -- On the other side. Thanks to documentary project, Dave falls in love instantly without even being aware of it.

When things seem to be running pretty smooth, suddenly Swapna gets engaged with Vamsi (Lagadapati). Coming to know about Dave's love with Swapna, his grandma enters the scene to discuss their wedding with Swapna's parents. The hysterical consequences follow as parents of Swapna, who are against Dave getting married to her. The story runs with bumper-to-bumper edgy clashes and arrives at a climax.