Priya nestam is a family drama set in between two families. Vinod is married to Hema while her brother Gopichand stays with her sister family. Hema also has another brother Maharshi Raghava who is into radical naxal movement. Hema hides the fact that her brother is in Naxal movement as it could affect her marriage life. Vinod has a sister suleka & a brother Dilip. Both the families stay together in the same house. Sulekha falls in love with Naveen a colleague of her & gets married to him. Disturbances come in the family life of sulekha with her mother in law being greedy and demanding more dowry. The story takes a U- turn with Maharshi Ragava entering the scene and solving the issue. Rest of the story is about twist and tales, the clashes, the drama and finally ends with raghava dyeing in police encounter.