Rendella Taruvata (2005)

The story is about three youngsters Gopichand Lagadapati, Sriram & Dhanush who are very much into creative sector. They believe in doing something that they like instead of following the beaten path suggested by their parents. Their life gets into track with Sriji introducing them to Sharat Babu who owns his ad agency. Sharat Babu's relation with the youngsters becomes more family type than professional relation. They all plan an outing when they come to know that their company's innovative design is going to stir the ad sector. In the outing the three young guys make Sharat babu drunk till he falls to his knees and take him to the local graveyard. The next day when these guys wake up Sharat babu is seen missing. Their practical joke misfires and these three young guys become the prime accused. In the process of proving their innocence the young guys come to know that the kidnap was done by their business rival Melkote . Even things to Con Melkote goes vein as the kidnap goes out of Melkotes hand and the story shifts to local mafia. How the three youngsters finally manage to bring their boss from the custody of local mafia and proves their innocence is the rest of the story.

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